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Teej Queen 2021

Priyanka Verma Mathur

Meet our Teej Queen 2021 - Priyanka Verma Mathur

Priyanka currently works at Verizon as an HRIS Business Intelligent Analyst.

She has done her Undergraduate in Computer Information Systems from UDC in Washington and then perused her MBA degree from William Paterson University in New Jersey.

She is an active participant in the 5k Walking Marathon that is held every year at her work. She is an avid dedicated everyday walker and fitness savvy.

Since 2014, she also hosts Ganpati Festival at her place for all 10 days with different dress/color themes every day. She is passionate about all the celebrations, whether it's Indian or Western.

Priyanka has a great passion for dance and fashion and she performs on stage every year.

Priyanka lives in New Jersey, USA for the last 24 years with her husband and 2 handsome boys.

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