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1.  What are the benefits of being a Member of ROAR?

ROAR Membership helps you in multiple ways

  1. As an Organization member, you will be able to connect with other community members.

  2. You can preserve and cultivate Rajasthani culture and heritage in the USA and beyond

  3. Guide and inform the next generations about rich Rajasthani culture and embed them with our heritage and roots.

  4. Each organization member will prefer another orgnization member for business opportunities and leads.

  5. As a member, you will celebrate our values through our festivals together and keep them relevant in America.

  6. Directly Help the people back in Rajasthan during tough times like draughts and natural calamities

  7. Members will get deep discounted tickets for future events organized by the organization, and discounts on events supported by the organization.

  8. Some free events/tickets will be arranged and offered to the member with no cost to them.

  9. Immediate Family Members (Spouses and Kids) will avail of all the benefits offered to the member of the organization.

2. What is the Membership Fee

There are 2 types of memberships

  1. $100 for the Annual membership fee. All Annual members will receive 2 complimentary passes per year, which they can use for any of the event organized by ROAR.

  2. $1100 for the lifetime membership fee. All lifetime members will receive 2 complimentary passes per year for their lifetime for the events organized by ROAR

3.  Is it compulsory to be a member to attend the event?

No it’s not compulsory to be a member to attend the events organized by ROAR. Anyone can attend the event through contribution, sponsorship or tickets (if it's a ticketed event) or direct invitation from the organization committee

4. Can the members participate in any activity?

Yes, they can participate in the activities organized by ROAR. They need to get in touch with the committee to discuss their plan and work accordingly.

5. Can someone sponsor the event?

Anyone can sponsor the event to promote themselves, their businesses.

6. Can myself or my kid (12+ years) volunteer and get certification for volunteering work?

Yes, kids can volunteer in the event, and perform under the guidance of the committee. They will receive certification from the organization for the hours of volunteering work

7. What is the purpose of the organization?

Helping immigrant residents from Rajasthan in America. Help them with settling down, jobs, education, training.

Promote life, festivals and culture of Rajasthan

8. Does the Organization give financial helps as well?

The organization looks at financial helps on a case-on-case basis and based on the committee’s decision, can provide financial aids to the needy ones.

9. Will organization help the members in case of domestic violences?

Yes, Organization will support members in case of any kind of violence or abusement and will guide them through right channels 

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