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We are people who have roots back in Rajasthan, India. Someone who ever lived in Rajasthan, or had studied in Rajasthan, or was born in Rajasthan, or married to a Rajasthani, or had forefathers from Rajasthan.

This organization was formed by a group of native Rajasthanis in 2017, to bring all fellow Rajasthanis across caste, religion, income, birth, and social status under a single and unified umbrella and install the Rajasthani Pride among them.
We formed this group to unite, help, and support other immigrants from Rajasthan. Keep them embedded with our culture, and heritage and settle down in the USA.


  1. Unite all the Rajasthanis residing in America across regions, castes, religions, faiths, and beliefs to come under a common Rajasthani cultural umbrella and install a pride for Rajasthan

  2. Help and Support Rajasthanis in meeting their career and life objectives, helping them achieve their dreams, be successful and connected.

  3. Educate and enlighten the next generation about our rich culture and heritage and preserve our identity for ages to come.

  4. Save our youth from going into wrong paths and stay close to our values and humanity.

  5. Help women from domestic violence and become independent, earn and live a happy and safe life.

  6. Educate girls and young women back in Rajasthan with new skills to become independent and self-employed.

  7. Support fellow Rajasthanis in America during the tough hours financially and emotionally.

  8. Introduce the World to the beautiful Rajasthan, its culture, its heritage, and its royalness. Promote tourism for Rajasthan and encourage people to visit Rajasthan for tourism, thus helping fellow Rajasthanis back in India to generate more business and revenue.

  9. Help new immigrants from Rajasthan to settle down in America and provide social, emotional, and financial support.


  1. Organize Rajasthani Festivals like Teej, Gangaur, Diwali, and Holi for the fellow diaspora.

  2. Represent Rajasthan and its culture in various forums.

  3. Take up challenges of Rajasthanis residing in America with government and authorities.

  4. Organize IT Training, Health Awareness Sessions for the fellow Diaspora.

  5. Help fellow Rajasthanis back in Rajasthan during normal as well as natural calamity times.

  6. Provide training and education to Rajasthanis living in rural Rajasthan for education and career building.

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